Dr. med. Matthias Lutze
Dr. med. Josef Ramsbacher
Dr. med. Jörn A. Horaczek

What is the solution for these problem patients?

Since back pain has many different causes, there are numerous sites of action for effective spinal therapy. Particularly long-lasting success is achieved by interdisciplinary coordination of both diagnostics and therapy.

Today, there are a number of possible interventions for back and intervertebral disc pain, which are increasingly less stressful for the patient. Though minimally invasive therapy does not always help everyone, open surgery is becoming less and less common.

Not only are individual diagnostics and therapy adjusted to the severity of the disease important but also adequate postoperative treatment with the aim of strengthening frequently neglected back muscles and ligaments. Only in this way is it possible to achieve long-term optimal treatment results and effectively prevent a recurrence.
Dr. med. J. Ramsbacher

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